Daniel Le Gendre

The Rouen Cathedral would have been familiar to Daniel Le Gendre, though he would not have worshipped there, wikicommons

Daniel Le Gendre was born in Rouen, France, son of Jacques Le Gendre and his wife Maurice, according to entry #63 on the mid-1697 “List of French and Swiss Refugees desiring Naturalization.” His relationship with Jean Legendre, also of Rouen and the son of Thomas Legendre, who was naturalized in London in 29 Apr 1670 has not been determined. (Quarto 18: 104)A possible conflict in the records appears in an entry in The Consistory Minutes of the French Church of London, Threadneedle Street, identifying Daniel Le Gendre as “a young [man] of Caen” when he made his reconnaissance 27 Oct 1686. (Quarto 58: 174) It is possible that these references are for different men. The 1686 map of the settlement at Frenchtown shows Daniel Legendre as owner of a lot on the northwest on “The Great River Running to the Sea.” (Baird, Huguenot Emigration II: 296)