Did the “Ship John and Catherine” arrive in Carolina in 1685?

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According to “Acts of the Privy Council of England. Colonial series Vol. 2, page 85:

12 June, 1685

[191.] To the Lord Treasurer is referred, to receive the information of the Customs, and report to the Board the humble Petition of John Clippingdale Master of the Ship John and Catherine. Praying That in consideration of his owne and his ffathers Services and Sufferings, His Majesty would please to grant a Freedome for the said Ship, the Petitioner having with great charge, caused her to be refitted in English fforme, out of a wrack’d Outlandish Bottome, insomuch that Three 4th parts are English built, Or that a Passe may be granted her to go to any of his Majesty’s Caribee Islands with leave to lade back for England, He having inadvisedly contracted to carry about Two Hundred French People to Carolina.                                                                 [p.99.]

There were a few other entries about the ship and the expenses taken to ensure it would meet standards and be considered an English ship, but no more about the “Two Hundred French People to Carolina.”

Every little bit helps, so let us know if you find something about this or other French Protestant refugees.