Your History Has A Future

Donate your archival objects to the Huguenot Society of SC

We will be able to preserve your documents for posterity, catalog them and make them available for scholarship.

If your objects relate to one of our digital collections, we will digitize them and make them available online. If they need professional conservation attention, we’ll be able to make sure they get it, rather than just allowing them to disintegrate in the attic or lockbox. The donating family and their descendants will always have access to their donated items. And the donating family will choose whether or not they are associated by name with their gift. Within certain limitations, some gifts will qualify as tax deductible contributions. If you own archival items or are aware of items that might belong in our collection—or have any questions about that process—please contact Chris Barrett at Society offices for more information.

Or fill out this form, and one of our archivists will be in touch with you.