Pierre Morel

Notes from HSSC Files:

Pierre Morel, the son of Pierre Morel and Elizabet van Houte, was baptized 7 Aug 1712 in Cadzand, Zeeland, the Netherlands. Quarto 36: 37.

His parents were married in Cadzand 29 Apr 1706 with his father’s brother Isaac and his uncle Jacob Morel present at the wedding. Quarto 36: 52

If these references are for the parents of Peter Morel of GA, his father was born in Marck 6 Oct 1682, the son of Pierre Morel and Marie des Gardins, and his mother was born in Cadzand in 1686, the daughter of Jacob van Houte and Elizabeth Cappon. His father was identified as a “hoofman.” Quarto 36: 71, 42

The grandparents of Pierre/Peter Morel of GA were “Pierre Morelle, workman, 27 years of age, son of Jerosme Morel and Elizabeth Parent (both deceased), native of the parish of Marcq & living there, with his brothers Isaac and Jacob Morel present, married Mar 1677 at Guisnes Marie Desgardins, 26 years of age, daughter of Jean Desgardins and Rachel de Fresne (both deceased), native of St. Tricat and living at Hammes, with Jean Firme her step father and Abraham Desgardins her brother present.” Quarto 1: 135

His great uncle (Pierre’s brother) Jacob (age 21) married Marie’s sister Susanne (age 20) at Guisnes July 1677 with his brothers Isaac and Pierre present. Quarto 1: 140

In Apr 1722 Pierre Morel, elder of the Cadzand church, and his wife Elizabeth van Houte witnessed the marriage of Pierre Bruckner, pastor of the church and from Mulhausen, and Marguerite Supervielle, native of Amsterdam. Quarto 36: 59

Quarto 36: 7-8 indicate that Isaac, Jacob and Pierre Morel and Jacob and Isaac Van Houte all owned land near Calais [Guisnes]. Their lands were confiscated when they fled after the Revocation. They and other refugees were able to buy land in the parish of Cadzand (about 90 miles up the coast) which was economically depressed after the war between Holland and France (1672-8). A French Church had been established in Cadzand by Dutch Flanders and Pierre Trouillard, minister at Guisnes and brother of Florent Trouillard who came to Carolina, had accepted their call by 2 Oct 1685.